The Best Gifts for New Moms

A clean house
Keeping the house clean is thankless, endless, and often joyless. Add a newborn to the mix and it becomes hopeless. Depending on your relationship, you might help clean a new mom’s house yourself. If you go this route, don’t wait for permission, just dive right into those dirty dishes while you are hearing the birth story. If you ask how you can help, chances are she will politely decline and say there is no need. Anyone who has parented or been around little ones knows that’s like saying there is no need to send relief efforts after a natural disaster. Go ahead and fold the laundry without being prompted to. Another option is to give her a gift certificate for house cleaning services. Bonus points if you or your friends have used the cleaning service and can vouch for their work and trustworthiness. One less thing for her to worry about!

Milk-boosting cookies
Breastfeeding comes easily for some, but for many of us it can be challenging. Did you know that there is a cookie that can satisfy her sweet tooth while helping boost milk production? BabaBella’s bakes homemade lactation cookies that are full of galactagogues. That’s a fancy word for ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost breast milk production, like brewer’s yeast and organic virgin coconut oil. Happy customers have reported that they noticed an increase in their milk supply only a few days after nibbling on these. You can add tasty extras like organic dried fruit and dark chocolate if you really want to show some love. Each order contains 10 individually wrapped cookies in the cutest packaging, which makes it the perfect, Instagram-worthy gift.

Glam squad
Nothing says “pamper yourself” like a spa service. When your own toes have been hidden beneath an ever-growing baby bump for months, a simple pedicure can be the ultimate indulgence. But for a lot of new moms, those spa and salon gift certificates remain under their fridge magnet or in a drawer. Finding the time to get away while also finding someone to leave the baby with is difficult. If you want to up the wow factor on your gift, why not bring glam directly into her home? There are plenty of services that allow you to schedule in-home massages, manicures, and blowouts. Becoming a momma doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your inner diva forever. This gift reminds her that she can still be sassy, even if there is spit-up on her sweater.

What she asked for
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. If you took the time to knit us a wall-hanging with a neon pink elephant on it, she will appreciate the love and effort you put into it. That said, if she has registered or created a wish list on Amazon, then she is telling you exactly what she needs. You’re not cutting corners if you send her the burp cloths and bottle cleaner she asked for. You’ll also be relieving her budget so that she can shop for that adorable seasonal sweater with ears on the hood.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again for the folks in the back. It’s tough to set aside time to make and eat food that is reasonably nutritious when you are responsible for a tiny person’s entire existence. Send provisions! If you’re a (good) cook or baker, drop off meals that can be frozen easily. You don’t even have to schedule a visit. Just tell her you’ll put them outside her door at a certain time. If she has a favorite restaurant that offers takeout, give her a gift card. Or, you can set up a meal train for her and organize a larger group of people to send her Grubhub or homecooked meals on scheduled days and times.

Give a parent the greatest gift—time away from their beloved child. It may not be right away, but at some point, momma needs alone time out of the house. It might only be a trip to Target or scrolling through social media at Starbucks, but it is necessary. This is where you come in. You can offer to watch the baby yourself, or use the person who watches your kids, or to track down and interview a brand-new sitter who you send over and pay for. The key here is to be specific. Moms get tons of well-meaning offers from people to watch their baby, but rarely does anyone follow up. Help her out by not putting her in a position where she must reach out to you. Tell her how many hours you can babysit, and how much notice you need. Follow up with her if she doesn’t cash it in and ask her which Saturday in May she would like you to come over for two hours, so she can go to dinner with her husband. Bonus: you get to hang out with an adorable baby for an afternoon.

 Care package
Motherhood is emotional, but it also takes its toll physically. Lack of sleep, healing from giving birth, a change in routine, stress, and not having the time to make and eat healthy meals all contribute. That’s why a gift that helps mom practice some self-care will always be appreciated.
You can include a face mask to treat under-eye circles, cozy pajamas, soothing essential oils, dry shampoo to make leaving the house a little faster, a flashy new lipstick, or lotion to help with stretch marks. This is a nice option for all budgets and personalities, because you can customize it accordingly. If the whole package is full of chocolate, you’ll get no judgement from us! If you aren’t creative or need a gift on the fly, there are also subscription box services just for moms and moms-to-be. These are chock full of products that she might otherwise not think to buy for herself, like cleansing towelettes, a sleep mask, and a book of non-alcoholic cocktails.

Magazine subscription
She may have kept up with Oprah’s book club before baby came, but she can kiss those days goodbye for a while. That doesn’t mean new moms have to give up reading. A magazine can be the perfect thing to pick up during a nighttime feed or to flip through while rocking baby. It could be a parenting magazine, but it could also be something completely frivolous. Just because she created a new life doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care who wore it better or which housewife was spotted having an affair in the Caribbean.

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